Creative and result-driven Production Designer with an extensive experience in working on music videos and commercials. Skilled at developing concepts and involved in set construction to ensure that it is decorated identical to the blueprint. Dedicated to work closely with director and production to define their vision and then bringing it to life. Offers strong attention to detail, deep passion for art and film, significant ability to work and perform well in team environments.


2000 – 2005 School of fine arts in Zaporizhya, Ukraine

2005 – 2011 · Master of architecture – Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.

Professional experience

2008 - 2011 · Architect in Michal Blaski architectural buro /Poland, Kyiv/

2011 - 2014 · Set designer and costume designer for «Patoka Studio» /Kyiv/

2014 - Present · Self employed Production Designer and Art Director /Kyiv/

Locations where I’ve worked

Ukraine, Spain, Georgia, Russia, France, Portugal, Iceland, Serbia, Italy, China, USA, Seychelles, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey, Mexico, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic.

Directors I’ve worked with

Tanu Muino, Bruno Avellian, Henry Scholfield, Paul Hermann, 91 Rules, Alan Badoev, Alex Hulsey, Specter Berlin, Alexey German Jr, Taisia Deeva, Evgeniy Misura, AB/CD/CD, Alan Masferrer

Production Companies I’ve worked with

Radioactive film, Limelite, 2332, Badoev Team, Martini shot, QUAD, UnderWonder, Shelter film, Hamlet TV, Landia, Modest dept, The Oligarchs Productions, Canal+, Tuna+Icon, Palma Pictures, Hero Productions Iceland


65th Berlin International Film Festival 2015 Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution for Cinematography

YUNA 2016 for Best Music Video

YUNA 2017 for Best Music Video

Eurosongs GoldStar Music Awards 2017 for Best Music Video

YUNA 2018 for best Music Video

Social World 2019 for Best Social Music Video

Top Hit Music Awards 2020 for Best Music Video

Le Club des Directeurs Artistiques 2022 for Realisation

Contacts Europe 


Commercial and music videos

Jerry Deeny / jerry@luxartists.net / +44 20 7637 9064

Wladimir Baseden / wladimir@luxartists.net / +33 783 557 770

Nikhil Sinh Smith / nikhil@luxartists.net / +44 20 7637 9064

Film & Television

Molly Eaglesham / molly@luxartists.net / +44 20 7637 9064

Rebecca Fayyad Palud / rebecca@luxartists.net / +44 20 7637 9064


+447867239181 / helengadjilova@gmail.com / https://www.instagram.com/helengadjilova